Everyday Value reforms, refocuses, reintroduces

Everyday Value reforms, refocuses, reintroduces

Jamaican-based distributor initiates plans to reform by changing name from Everyday Value Trading & Distributors Limited, to Everyday Value Jamaica Limited

Everyday Value Jamaica Limited — formerly Everyday Value Trading and Distributors Limited —introduced the company’s new brand image at its first general meeting and staff launch under the theme ‘Reform, Refocus, Reintroduce’, held at Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston recently.

Following the company’s reflection on the more than 40 years of experience in the distribution sector, Everyday Value initiated plans to reform by changing its name from Everyday Value Trading and Distributors Limited to Everyday Value Jamaica Limited.

Everyday Value, in a press release, stated that the change seeks to improve the company’s brand image and presence, increase company awareness, and to reposition the company on a national level.

According to managing director Zhen Tang, while Everyday Value’s transformation has been long overdue, he asserted that there is no better time than now to refocus on what truly matters to the growth and development of the company.

Tang added that Everyday Value will continue to improve targeted areas of the company over the next two five years to achieve its vision; these include inventory management, delivery management, retail merchandising, human resource (HR) management, digital marketing, as well as accounting and sales.

Another signal for change came in the announcement of the company’s updated website, which was also launched on the day of the event.

Marketing manager of the company, Shanice Nation indicated that unlike Everyday Value’s first website, which was first launched in 2018, the new website showcases the company’s new image and has been designed to incorporate new features to support other teams within the company.

“One such team to receive support is our HR unit to be featured on our ‘Career Page’; this page invites new applicants to join team Everyday Value for capacities that are being created. Another team to receive support from this platform is our sales team, along with our customers. This new feature, which is currently still in its development phase, will facilitate small, online retail orders; this new feature is expected to be ready by December of this year, along with other deliverables to be expected by the Marketing unit,” Nation was quoted in the press release.

Although the company is experiencing myriad changes at this point in its history, the executive body reassures all its stakeholders that the values of integrity, commitment and respect which were used to build the company to what it is today, have not changed.

Everyday Value Jamaica Limited is a Jamaican-based distributor that provides a wide array of snacks, beverages, confectioneries, personal care, household supplies and car accessories.