Products Category: Confectioneries


Tantalize your taste buds with some of the most authentic Jamaican sweet treats and hard candies available. We also carry some the most popular international confectionery brands – reminiscent of happy-go-lucky childhood memories to satisfy those candy craze. At Everyday Value Jamaica, this category is one of our most diverse and dynamic. The subcategories are: Jelly Candy, Hard Candy, Soft Candy, Marshmallow, Taffy, Sweet Treats and Brittles. The list of products that can be found within this category are: our own Happy Snacks, St. Bess Peanut Brittle, Nature’s Zest and many more.
We service retail outlets island-wide. Need help sourcing products for your retail store? Need help distributing products within this category to the Jamaican market? Then contact our marketing department for details on how to become a business partner or supplier, today.

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