Products Category: Personal Care


Our extensive line of personal care products is our hallmark to fame in our industry. At the mention of the name Everyday Value Jamaica to some of our longest serving business partners, we are almost synonymous to our Personal Care product category. The subcategories within this group are:
• Body Wash
• Soap Bars
• Face Wash and Scrub
• Deodorant (Roll On)
• Deodorant (Spray)
• Deodorant (Stick)
• Deodorant (Gel)
• Hand Soaps
• Hand Sanitizers
• Insect Repellant (Spray)
• Insect Repellant (Mist)
• Lotion
• Body Butter
• Hair Oil
• Hair Gel
• Hair Spray
• Cosmetics
• Shaving Cream
• Razors
• Shampoo and Conditioner
• Baby Care

Among the list of products carried under this category are: Vo5 Shampoo and Conditioners, Olay Body Wash, Axe Body Wash, Queen Helen Face Scrub, Arm and Hammer Deodorant (Stick), Lucky Hand Soap and so much more.

We service retail outlets island-wide. Need help sourcing products for your retail store? Need help distributing products within this category to the Jamaican market? Then contact our marketing department for details on how to become a business partner or supplier, today.

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